Håkan Grahn, Ph.D. (Hakan.Grahn@bth.se)

Professor of Computer Engineering
School of Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Short history

During my time as a Ph.D. student, I was a member of the CacheMire research group at the Department of Computer Engineering (now a part of the Department of Information Technology), Lund University (picture). The group was led by my supervisor Per Stenström, who is at Chalmers University of Technology now.

My Ph.D. thesis is available on the web. (Key words: shared-memory multiprocessors, cache coherence, performance evaluation, memory consistency models, latency tolerance) I successfully defended it on December 1, 1995 and professor Mark D. Hill from University of Wisconsin-Madison served as opponent.

When I came to Blekinge Institute of Technology, Prof. Lars Lundberg and I formed the PAARTS research group, Parallel Architectures and Applications for Real-Time Systems.

I worked as an assistant/associate professor of computer engineering ('Universitetslektor i datorteknik') January 1996 to April 2007. During January 1999 to June 2002, I was Head of Department for the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Science.

In April 2004, I became an Associate professor (sv. 'docent'), and since May 2007 I'm a Professor of computer engineering.

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